More “asisan hate”

And, once again, there is no mention of the race of the person who did the attack.

I wonder why not?

Could it be that the perpetrator (Xavier Rashee Woody-Silas)…and, apparently, many others in the community who dsilike the asian businessmen are….black?

Nah, that wouldn’t fit the meme, would it?


Hint: Nearly 85% of all “Asian Hate Crimes” are perpetrated by black people……Way out of proprtion to their pervcentage of population. You never hear about that, do you?

11 thoughts on “More “asisan hate”

  1. Barack the Magic Negro approves of this message ! Black Lives Matter ! Remember Saint Floyd ! Can I join the liberal club now ?

    • Dude, stop with this shit. FInd somehre else to be offensive. If you can’t truly contribute then don’t post…
      Or go elsewhere.
      Even “Pete” isn’t a total asshole. Be better than him

      • Do your own research. Try “”

        Feel free to prove me wrong.

        • I did. I showed you what I found.

          I also know that google tailors searches to its users, so you might get results that I don’t and vice versa.

          But, hey, if you can’t, it’s your credibility.


  2. Actually, your article supported exactly what I stated.
    Why should I bother any further with you?

    • The article I posted (the only one I could find that had a stat that aligned with your stat) is untimely and very limited in scope with regard to the subject.

      Did you notice that it was originally published in May of 2011? Nearly 10 years old. It’s based on a survey from 2008, so 12+ years old. The survey was conducted by the SFPD, so it’s limited to at most the SF metro area.

      Look, B, I don’t believe that you pulled this stat out of your ass. I’d like to find out how the conclusion was arrived at, the scope of the process used and its timeliness.

      Tell you what, if you post the source, I promise not to comment on this subject any further.


        • I’m not demanding anything. Just asking.

          Either you have a credible source or you don’t.

          Your behavior suggests the latter.


          • I am sure of my data, gotten from internal police reporting….., obviously you cannot refute my statement.

            Since you can’t, shut up.
            We are done.

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