Have ya noticed?

The dude who “attacked” at the Capitol and killed one police officer…..the Media is downplaying the following:

He wasn’t white, but rather African American.

He was a follower of Farrakahn and his “Church of Islam”.

But you’d never know that if you just read the headlines. Or the TV news.

If he had been white, Christian, and an NRA member, it’d be in the headlines….loudly.

Funny how that works.

Plus, of course, “there was no connection to terrorism”.


3 thoughts on “Have ya noticed?

  1. Annnnnnnnd he’s black and a follower of Obamas favorite whitey hater Farakan .

  2. Not terrorism huh. He used his vehicle as a weapon, then got out and wielded a knife. Injured one and killed another. But this is just an incident.
    Meanwhile, Jan 6th is terrorism writ large, no weapons, no deaths other than the protester murdered by police.
    I am ashamed of our govt.

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