Double standards (yet again)

Odd… I thought we were all offered “Equal Protection Under the Law”.


Yet the officer (still not named) who shot Ashli Babbitt will not be charged. (Remember, she was in the Capitol building, but was unarmed and not a threat to anyone at the time of her shooting….) Note: Ms Babbitt is white….

But ther are Maslaughter charges agains the officer who shot a man who was resisting arrest on a warrant.…(his nme was Duante Wright…Her name is Kim Potter….He, of course, was black. She has been charged…..and will stand trial. He was resisting arrest….she made a mistake.  But she is white and he is black.

Does Color make a difference here? I believe so. Politics? Yes.

Disparity? definitely…. Double standards? Absolutely. Are the circumstances the same? No, not exactly. But close enough to show the unfairness and political differences that drive our “Justice” system.

If yer gonna charge one (and I could argue either way) then charge the other…..but fer Chrissake, lets have some standards.

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  1. Here’s another comparison.

    –White cop (Kim Potter) shoots black man (Duante Wright) and gets charged with manslaughter.

    –Black cop (Mohamed Noor) shoots white woman (Justine Damond) and gets charged with and convicted of murder.

    Were circumstances the same. No, not exactly. But close enough blah, blah, blah…

    Let’s have some standards indeed.


    • Yer an ass of the highest order. Keep being one and you won’t get anymore exposure here. Up to you. Stop playing stupid games.

      I actually approve of the charges for Kim Potter. I wonder, however, why there are not charges for the (Unnamed) Capitol police officer who shot Ms Babbitt? (Hint: she was not a threat to him, was not holding a weapon, was in no way any more a danger to the (unnamed) cop who shot her)

      And A MAJOR difference in the two cases you cited are, of course, that one was a *felony arrest* and the other was where where the cop shot a woman as she approached a police car responding to her 9-11 call from across the car….. . But don’t let any facts get in the way of your perceived reality.
      And where were the white people rioting after Ms Ruszczyk was shot?

      • You and Midwest Chick are right. My comparison was pretty ridiculous. Probably more ridiculous than the comparison you made–but to be clear your comparison was ridiculous. And that was my point.

        This idea that Ashli Babbitt was an innocent bystander is just false. She became a threat the moment she decided, of her own free will, to storm the capitol with hundreds of others to try and stop Congress from doing something she and they disagreed with using illegal means. More specific to the instant of her death, she associated herself, again of her own volition, with a group, some who were armed, that was trying to break through a locked and barricaded door–a group that was moving TOWARDS the capitol police that they overwhelmingly outnumbered on the other side .

        I’ve read a number of your previous posts in which you claim that people of color end up in their bad situations because of poor choices they make. Well, Ms. Babbitt made some truly poor choices on January 6. Why do you give her a pass?

        You know, you called me a traitor because I didn’t believe there was enough evidence of voter fraud to warrant any further investigation than had already taken place (at least that is what I think my “treasonous crime” was). I’m pretty sure that Ms. Babbitt’s participation in an aggressive and violent attempted coup trumps that.

        It certainly trumps Mr. Wright’s traffic stop for an expired tag and the subsequent discovery of a misdemeanor warrant for alleged parole violations. Mr. Wright was outnumbered by police 3-1 (best I can tell), and at the moment he was shot, he was moving AWAY from police.

        B said, “But don’t let any facts get in the way of your perceived reality.” Right back at ya.


        PS The reason the capitol police officer wasn’t named can be blamed on Congress. Seems this has been policy for a while.

        • Please, eludicate me as to how my comparison was ridiculous. People were killed by police officers when they were not a direct threat to those officers in both cases. Yet one officer is being charged with maslaughter (and rightly so) the other is not.

          Ms Babbitt wasn’t directly threatening the officer. He shot her (on the video) from at least 30 feet away….and only her. In another type of mob he would have been ton limb from limb, but these were Right Wing folks…generally not that volent. It night have been different in other demographics.
          I never said she was an innocent bystander. I simply stated that there were double standards. Ms Potter was outed hours after she killed Mr Wright…who was trying to resist a legal arrest. The capitol police officer has had his identity hidden. Was it because his victim was not a Black man? Quite possibly. Was Ms babbit under arrest? Not at that time. You defense is disingenuous at best, asinine, really. You keep trying to spin away from the fact that there are, most obviously, double standards here. One is the death tragic death of a felon who, apparently. could not follow the rules (both his registration AND his parole) and was shot by an officer who (apparently) made a terrible mistake while trying to arrest him for a warrant. The other was the point blank shooting ai a (relatively) peaceful protester (legal or not) who was given no notice, no warning,…by an officer in plainclothes….and whose identity is STILL being shielded…Double standards. Why are the federal police not shooting all those folks out west who are trashing Federal property in Oregon and Washington (also illegally)? Why only the attacks and prosecution of those Right wing types at the Capitol? Again, double standards.

          Thank you, BTW for admitting your previous comment was asinine. It shows a level of integrity I did not expect from you.

          • I have started this reply several times, but there’s no point. I realize that our disagreement on this issues hinges mostly on how we each characterize Ms. Babbitt. I am certainly aware that I won’t change your mind, and you haven’t provided anything that would change mine.



          • I’d be interested in how you can justify her killing then?
            Is it then OK for cops to kill other protesters?
            Or is it just that she was in the Capitol that makes her somehow different and more killable?

  2. Hi Pete,
    I don’t know if you’re trolling or if the clue bus hasn’t stopped in your neighborhood in a while, but I’ll bite either way.

    Blah, blah, blah, my ass. The two situations are completely different. The charges in both cases are merited and the conviction in Noor’s case was certainly merited.

    Let’s look a little closer, shall we?

    Situation 1–there was close quarters grappling with an uncooperative subject. The officer made a horrible mistake and grabbed her service weapon instead of her taser. The reason she was reaching for her taser is to subdue him because he was becoming a threat.

    Situation 2–the officer was sitting in his car, on the far side away from Justine Damond. He drew his service weapon deliberately and shot her, across his partner and through a car door. She was no threat to either officer.

    To equate the two situations is one of the most disingenuous thing I’ve read in a while. And if you are so obtuse as to do so, you might be missing the point when I use the word disingenuous instead of stupid and self-serving.

    But here’s the thing. In which case were there riots and destruction? Not in Justine Damond’s case nor has there been in the case of Ashli Babbitt.

    In the case of Ashli Babbitt, we don’t even know the name of the officer that shot her. Invisible ‘justice’ means that there wasn’t any. That’s a true double standard.

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