someone doesn’t understand statistics

So we are “pausing” the use of the Johnson and Johnson covid shot…because of 6 women ahving “serious blood clots”…out of 7.2 MILLION shots administered….

Now, if we all NEED the Covid shot in order to survive the next few months, then the risk of the reaction (6 in 7.2 million ) would be miniscule compared to the terrible death we are told is waiting around the corner for us when (not if) we get Covid and die from it…..

People have severe reactions from all sorts of shots, especially (actual) vaccinations, Yet we accept that they might cause reactions in a small portion of the people recieving them….often more than 1 in 1 million…

So either the risk of Covid is terribly overblown or something else is going on. In other words, the risk of dying from covid must be less than the 1 in 1.2 million that is the risk of the blood clots from the Johnson and Johnson covid shot. (this does not take int account the supposed efficacy of the J&J shot, which is about 65%)

So which is it? is a 1 in 1.2 million or (0.00000083%) danger rate that much greater than the death rate of Covid?

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  1. a) the “adverse reaction” rate is likely much higher. some estimates overseas has it at 100 times more than regular vax. b) the covid is the flu, period. c) we been played.

    • d) the other two have more lobbyists. they tried to keep j&j from getting to market at all. astra zenaca vax has been stopped in 17 European countries already, but we keep jabbing.

  2. CDC has website listing the “adverse reactions” to the Covid vaccine.
    Current death toll today (4/14/2021) was 3005 people officially died from having one of the Covid vaccines administered to them. But now the J&J vaccine is on pause because of 6 people having blood clot issues? Definitely agree that something else is going on that the govt won’t tell us about.

  3. Way back in ’04 when I was in the USAF, I received the first three shots of the anthrax vaccine series (6 or 7 shots total, I think, DoD discontinued it before I got.the rest). For the next few years, once or.twice a year, I’d get mild inflammation on my arm for 2-3.days. Wrote it off as bug bites first time; second time I thought “huh…what are the odds I’d get bug bites in the exact same spot as before?” I connected the dots the third time, always in the same spot on my left arm, where I had the anthrax shots. Happened a few more times, but hasn’t happened over the past few years. So yeah, after that experience I’m not keen on getting a sketchy “vaccine” for a flu variant I’ve got <10% chance of contracting and almost a 99% chance of surviving (per the # cases, # deaths and population of the county I live in (222k people)

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