Some riots are approved:

Others, not so much.It depends on whether the Party in power needed those riots….like the DNC wanted riots in Portland last year before the election.

As the Biden administration has taken the reins of the Department of Justice, the feds have dismissed dozens of charges against violent rioters in Portland, Oregon. They have dropped charges such as assault on a law enforcement officer, arson, and other violent crimes. Many have been dropped with prejudice, meaning they can’t be re-litigated in the future. According to a local news outlet, federal prosecutors have dismissed more than one-third of the pending charges from last summer’s violent protests in Portland.

So the riots in Portland, even though they caused Millions of dollars in property damage, and many were directed at Federal Property, are acceptable enough to drop charges gainst people…


I fully expect that the Feds will do the same to those fools who assaulted the Capitol in 2021 and drop charges soon.