Have ya noticed?

Cuomo was the Darling of the Left….for a while…..

Then the truth about the Covid deaths at Nursing Homes came to the fore…and he became a liability and then, strangely, just like in other cases, several women suddenly “came forward” to tell their stories of “Sexual Harassment”.  Odd how all these women decide to “come forward” at the same time, isn’t it? I fully expect that if he doesn’t fade away, there will be more ladies waiting in the wings, fully prepped to tell their terrible story.

It’s the same thing they did to Kavanaugh (first one woman (Blasey-Ford) who had never complained until the hearings, then oddly, two more women who had, until then, remained silent), and to Justice Thomas with Anita Hill.

It is a pattern we have seen time and time and time yet again.

They are doing it to a loudmouthed priest in Chicago….One that was very useful to keep in line the wealthy black parisohners at St Sabina church…the “movers and shakers” in the Black community in Chicago….ones that kept up the anti Trump stuff on the South Side, were a BIG part of the (very successful) “get out the vote” movement in the Obama era….. And one who made the mistake of criticizing Biden (and especially Harris)….Suddenly there are 3 men accusing him (all at the same time!!) of sexual abuse….which, for a priest, is the Death Knell.

I’m no fan of Father Phelger (I think he is a weasel and an asshole) nor Cuomo…but the Politics of Personal Destruction that the Left uses are becoming tired, and obvious to anyone who bothers to see. The above are just two examples….They have done it to so many people who were once useful and are now discarded, broken, in the wake of the DNC going forward.

Expect more. As the administration of Kamala Harris gets rolling, they will destroy many of the people who brought them into power, simply to make sure that that power continues.

I expect that it is better than being Fostered. (ETA: or Epstiened)

I wonder if Sexual Impropriety is the lever they will use to get Biden out if they can’t prove that he is suffering from dementia?

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  1. Cancel culture strikes again. As soon as you’re NOT needed, you are cancelled!

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