Does anyone buy the story about

The New Capitol Riot that is supposed to happen today?

I call “Bullshit”

Methinks that it is again the FBI informing on the ATF (or is it the ATF reporting on the FBI?) like all of the other “Terror Threats” that come up at times when it is conveneint for the Federal Government….You know, all those militia types that turn out to be paid informers egging other members on to violence that oddly never happens….

Interestingly enough, the folks that are telling us about this new threat were unable determine the terrorist threats LAST time, when it really happened…..When they actually had warnings and were aware that there was gonna be a rally….and they missed all the indications…but this time…..this time they are certain. And they told the media so that the press could tell everyone about it and warn those mythical conspirators away….

One might have thought that the security folks, were this a real threat, would have stayed quiet and simply rolled up the conspirators and arrested them, and simply ended the threat. (If it were a real threat, that is).  I am sure they would have loved to have had people to march away in handcuffs for the cameras…..

Which is why I don’t think this conspiracy is real. They simply announced it and got press, but in doing so, failed everywhere else.

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  1. they’re (congress) scared and the deep staters see an opportunity to enlarge their kingdoms. i’m told some congress critters bailed out of the district for the day on fears trump would come back to town today. one would think they would modify their behavior instead of adding insult to injury, but the critters keep piling it on.

  2. I think this is a distraction. Congress has reached the point where they need to pass bills but there is no agreement. Suddenly, they all go home for safety purposes and have a day or two to get their stuff together.

  3. The “insurrection” is a heap of steaming manure that’s starting to cool. What better way to reheat it than by claiming “credible intelligence” of another “insurrection” attempt?

    If this thing WAS planned and WAS an “insurrection…” it would have had a hell of a different outcome… Anyone who believes this crap deserves the government they’ve gotten…

    As for the wall, the soldiers, and the guns, these aren’t in place to “protect” that “sacred” OFFICE BUILDING; they’re there to COMPLETELY CONTROL what and who passes in and out of that place. The narrative is completely under the control of the Left now…

    Funny; these people keep saying w don’t need walls, guns, or cops, and yet they surround themselves with exactly those… Once again, through its own actions, the Left is stating “TRUMP WAS RIGHT.”

  4. When I heard the theory behind the potential action at the capitol, I thought it was THE SINGLE STUPIDEST THING I EVER HEARD! That former President Trump would return to D.C. to be inaugurated into office on March 4th, the former date of inauguration up to 1933. Inaugurated how? By whom? Under what authority? The LIBTARDS and their federal muscle The Fibbies are still so freaked out from Jan. 6th that they have lost their collective minds.

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