6 thoughts on “I’ve noticed

  1. There’s a difference between political rhetoric and emotion.

    Example: I disagree with you on a lot of things and the debate can get heated, but I don’t hate you (even if you did accuse me of being a traitor).


  2. There is, indeed a difference. You and I understand that. Lots of Leftists don’t. (and a fair number of Right leaning folks too, but a greater number of Leftists….).

    • ” but a greater number of Leftists….”

      I suppose this might be because, as the last election showed, there are quite a bit more left leaners than right leaners.


      • The “greater numbers” of leftists doesn’t explain the lack of understanding between dislike and hatred, nor the lack of emotional maturity in their responses.

        Of course, there is a great deal of evidence that the number of leftists you refer to was inflated by a great number of fraudulent mail in votes. But since no one has investigated you can claim that thre is no proof. of that as you ahve all along.
        Please don’t bother to go into your standard speech about the lack of proof. however. Your arguments are bullshit and you will be banned if you do. There is no proof because no one bothered to investigate.

        • No worries, B.

          I’d already won that argument.

          (Insert smily face, so you can tell that I’m joking!)


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