Innit funny

How the FBI can track every person who was within range of the Cell Phone towers near the Capitol….and are using that data to prosecute people, whether they entered the Capitol or not.

Yet they never used that investigatory technique in all the riots in Portland, nor in any of the lootings last year (Pardon me…those “Mostly Peaceful” protests where the white man’s goods were redistributed in the interests of fairness and racial equality in protest of the death of a criminal while fighting to escape custody) in any of the cities where Billions of economic damage happened….

Odd how all THOSE criminals got off scott free, innit? (Of course, the DNC needed them in order to rile up De Black Folk to get them to vote and all, so that made their lawbreaking acceptable, I guess).


Why the disparity in investigation?



2 thoughts on “Innit funny

  1. Flyover folk are gettin’ tired of this kind of shit . Real tired !

  2. or those that set the church in dc on fire w/ the padre inside, or the ones that raided the capitol when the supreme ourt noms were going on, or the ones that….i’d be here all day, never mind.

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