Innit funny?

(Funny strange, not funny Ha-Ha….)

Innit funny how either there were no “mass shootings” or the media simply ignored them to concentrate on crimnals dieing while resisting police during the Trump administration? And now, just a few weeks into a new (democrat) administration (I can’t call it the Biden administration ’cause I am not sure who is in charge) we have the media widely reporting a mass shooting…(why is it always Colorado?).


I just find it odd that it either wasn’t happening or wasn’t being reported when the Dems had no chance of passing a Gun Control Bill, and now it is…Just sayin’.

11 thoughts on “Innit funny?

  1. Actually, your point is completely untrue.

    Here’s a list of “mass shootings” as defined by GVA (at least four people shot, not including the shooter).

    The list includes, but is not limited to the following that took place while Trump was in office:

    October 1, 2017, Las Vegas; 61 dead, 411 wounded (do you not remember the “bumpstock” debate?),

    November 5, 2017, Sutherland Springs, TX; 27 dead, 20 wounded,

    February 14, 2018, Parkland, FL; 17 dead, 17 wounded,

    June 28, 2018, Annapolis, MD; 5 dead, 2 wounded, (shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper),

    October 27, 2018, Pittsburgh, PA; 11 dead, 7 wounded,

    August 3, 2019, El Paso, TX; 23 dead, 23 wounded,

    August 4, 2019, Dayton, OH; 10 dead, 27 wounded,

    February 26, 2020, Milwaukee, WI; 6 dead.

    All of the above “highlights” and more got plenty of media coverage and political attention.

    Look, pro-gunners make a great point when they suggest that liberal proposals do little if anything to stop these “mass shootings.” And the 2nd Amendment isn’t going anywhere.

    So why do you feel the need to make such a bullshit statement?


    • yet, oddly, three was no media hype about the later ones, was there?

      IF you can’t see the relationship of media coverage, then I feel sorry for you.

      • B first said, “during the Trump administration,” and then B said, “no media hype about the later ones.”

        The only thing you need to feel sorry for me about is my inability to hit your moving target.

        But let’s try this one:

        December 26, 2020, Rockford Illinois; 3 dead, 3 wounded. The story was covered by CNN, NBC, AP, Reuters, the Guardian, WGN, USA Today, CTV News (yes, Canada!), and Fox News to list just a few.

        Is this one late enough?

        Just because you didn’t pay attention doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.


    • What claims of “No Media Bias” are you referring to?

      I was simply calling your original post (that suggested that mass shootings either disappeared during Trump’s presidency or the media failed to cover them) hyperbolic bullshit and including data to prove my point.

      And now you’re talking about media bias when it comes to Covid? Get a grip.

      What’s funny is I tend to agree with the idea that the media has completely over-hyped the negative aspects of the Covid story.

      Get some rest, B.


  2. You are either being stupid or intentionally obtuse as to the point I am making.

    Either way, it is not amusing, not relevant, and irritating.


    • I got your point.

      Apparently you haven’t gotten mine.

      Should I attribute that to stupidity or intentional obtuseness.


        • Be truthful. Be factual.

          Your original post is a complete fiction (as I pointed out in my first comment).

          Now, if you would have lead with the Covid story, you would have saved us both a bunch of time.


          • Pete: Here’s a hint:

            My blog. My rules. You want to start your own blog, feel free to do so. You don’t get a say in how things go here. If you want to make the rules, start your own blog.
            Behave. Or not.
            It’s not a democracy.

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