So….Gun control?

OR, perhaps…..Muslim control?

(the asshole in Boulder was named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa….I doubt he was Irish or German…or even Mexican in ancestry…)

Yeah, blaming all guns for this shooting is a stupid as blaming all Muslims in the US for this shooting.

99.99999% of muslims did nothing to harm anyone yesterday.

99.99999999999999999% of legal guns (and gun owners) did nothing to harm anyone either.


Think about it.

No word on whether he was “encouraged” by the FBI or the ATF yet though…



One thought on “So….Gun control?

  1. Funny how these “mass shootings” pop up at the same time the Donks are trying to plunge-stuff the 2nd Amendment down the toilet, and at the same time the southern border is being overrun by the foreign nationals they’ve been colluding with for years… …’Just sayin’…

    …I will not comply… If the law stands not for all, it stands for none…

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