Holy fuck

They are REALLY pushing the whole Black Lives Matter agenda in the runup to the SuperBowl, aren’t they?

Never mind that very few of those folks who have bad interactions with police are nice people….almost none are Model Citizens. Few are anything but repeat offenders…thugs. (not a zero number, but very close)


“Unity” is one thing, propaganda and pushing the BLM agenda is another.

I don’t know if I can watch the game if they keep this up.

Holy fuck, and they’ve totally mucked up the Anthem.

3 thoughts on “Holy fuck

  1. Why would you want to watch the game? It’s nothing like it was even 20 years ago.
    Propaganda, spoiled thugs, a halftime show that is crude at best.
    The NBA turned into nothing but tribal thuggery a number of years ago and now the NFL is trying its best to catch up.
    Why would you waste your time (much less your money) on uncouth violent savages who look down their nose at you while telling you that you are racist?

  2. Just stop watching the game. I did.

    Let the “N” FL go its merry way until it finds that the very people it blames for all of the woes of blacks are also the ones who funneled most of the money into its pockets, and into the pockets of its players, the majority of whom are black.

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