Freezer levels of cold

Outside it is -7 degrees fahrenheit. Minus SEVEN.

Colder, actually, than my kitchen freezer.

The News folks keep telling us how this is the coldest we have had in years. Perhaps the coldest on THIS calender day, but not an unusual cold. We get this cold or colder most winters. It isn’t an unusual event. Thankfully, the wind is not high.

That doesn’t mean I am going outside any sooner than I have to though.

I have the woodstove going and the house is 70-ish.

3 thoughts on “Freezer levels of cold

  1. Yep, stay inside and stay warm! Supposed to get down in the low teens down here this week. Gonna be a few fires in the fireplace!

  2. I had a reader send me a screen shot of the temperature on his phone up in Saskatchewan, -42 degrees.
    I seriously don’t know why anyone would want to live somewhere that gets that damn cold.

  3. Same reason that you live in the political shithole you do.

    It is home.

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