The other three couldn’t hang on to her?

 Seems a “young woman” somehow slipped off of the seat at a chairlift in a ski resort in New York….and the staff had a tarp waiting for her to catch her as she fell. 

Kudos to the staff and whiever trained them. 

But I ahve a question: There were three other people in that chairlift….they couldn’t hold her for the time it took to get the chairlift to the top? I mean, she looks to weith about a hundred or so pounds. Three people. One might have thought that SOMEONE in that chair could have held her for the 5 minutes to get her to safety.  It’s not like she was a two-ton-Tessie. 

One thought on “The other three couldn’t hang on to her?

  1. Have you been on a chairlift? With her on the far side only one person was in any kind of position to reach her let alone do any serious pulling. And before you say that others could've clambered over to help, remember that they've all got a ~10lb, 5' stick on the bottom of each foot. The person on her left couldn't even pivot to fully face her without also pushing her off. I'm impressed that she/they were able to keep her there long enough for patrollers to get into position. A very nice save.

    No resort is going to restart a lift with someone dangling off of it. Better to have them fall from where they are than purposely suspend them over much higher drops and less accessible terrain for the next 10-15min.

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