They must be worried

 So the Media blitz against the idea that the Republicans (and the rest of the Congress) might not certify the electors from the “Battleground” states is fully ramped up….”Will of the people” and all that is being bandied about on the Liberal media sites…..

“You get the most Flak when you are over the target” and all that. Apparently someone is worried that the dissenters might actually succeed in getting the Congress to not ceritify the Electors….

I think they are very worried about this. Very. 

3 thoughts on “They must be worried

  1. well kamala didn't give up her senate seat yet. that tells me she ain't so sure this thing is going to hold. people are already gathering in dc for tomorrows rally. epic, or disaster i can't even guess. i'm hoping the veterans march of 2010 will replay with a couple extra million patriots. its in God's hands now.

  2. Notice how, when the only ones whose lives matter were "peacefully protesting, the cops were told to stand down. TRUMP SUPPORTERS show up, and that broad mobilizes the National Guard! Methinks though, that this only adds to the number of Trump supporters in the area…

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