They keep getting louder and more shrill

 Telling us that “THERE WAS NO ELECTION FRAUD”. Louder and louder and more and more shrill as Jan 6th approaches. 

They deny and deny. The “Bluer” they are, the louder and more shrill they get. 

“There is no proof”. (Have you noticed that every court case, every investigation says the same thing?) IS the Mantra. 

Proof. It is hard to come by when the apparatus that is being investigated is the same apparatus that did the fraud in the beginning…..

Yes, there is evidence. It is obvious. In fact, one must go out of one’s way to NOT find evidence of fraud. 

Is there evidence that ballots were added after the polls closed? Yes, Is there evidence that “absentee” ballots were allowed after the election, with no chain of evidence like verified signatures? Yes there is.

Is there proof that the added (and illegally counted) absentee ballots were enough to change the outcome? No.

Is there evidence that ballots were changed in the counting machines? Yes, there is evidence that that happened. Can we PROVE that it made a difference? No we cannot.

I see it this way. Were this a murder trial, there is enough evidence “Beyond a a doubt” that I could not convict a person of murder…

And that is enough to invalidate.  

One thought on “They keep getting louder and more shrill

  1. So, if you were going to commit gross numbers of felonies by tampering with the electoral process, why would you stop short of "making a difference"?

    Isn't that the entire point of tampering? It is not an exercise in thrill-seeking like bungie-jumping.

    Nobody tampers with an election unless they fully intend to change the outcome. Nobody.

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