Joe’s promises:

 So Joe is gonna get inaugurated……As the First Illegitimate President. 

Having said that, I wonder how much of what he says in his speech we can count on? How much will be lies and hollow, empty words? 

So far, in my lifetime (And that is over a half-century) we haven’t been able to count on anything that the Democratic Presidents have promised in their Inauguration speech….Legitmate or not. 

We shall see. 

Anyone want to start a pool to see how long Joe lasts in the office before the Dems find a way to edge him out for Kamala? 

I’ll take a square for somewhere between 3 and 6 months. 

7 thoughts on “Joe’s promises:

  1. Joe is for sure an endangered species. Not from the political right, more from his own party. They know that he is a mental defective, barely able to speak sometimes. Certainly not a dynamic leader who is capable of new ideas or who has boundless energy like his predecessor. Not a fervent dictator, merely a greedy self-serving puppet whose usefulness will soon wear out. He obviously never learned the lesson of JFK picking an ambitious and power hungry LBJ for his Veep. Soon Joe will skeep with the fishes. LOL

  2. The way I understand it, if he can hang on for 6 months, then cameltoe can run twice. If he gets transitioned out before the 6 months are up, she finishes his term but it counts for her as a term.

    I'll take 6 to 7 month square

  3. This will be the third term of the traitor Obama. Susan Rice et al will be calling the shots. It will be a miracle if our country survives.

  4. Actually, William Jefferson Blythe (Clinton) was probably our first illegitimate president, if you are talking about bastards. Of course if you mean not eligible to be president, you have to say it was Obama. Or if you mean the STOLEN election, Kennedy was a contender but maybe not the first. But yeah- Biden is not a legit winner.

  5. I looked it up. If they bump Joe out one day before the two year mark of his four year term, Klamitia would only be able to run for one more term, as anything more than half a term would count as a full term. That being said, I say the left will push Biden aside within three months. The left leaning media has already acknowledged the Hunter and Joe Biden corruption scandle. Although, now, they treat it like it is new news. No, they fully planned getting Joe elected so Kamala, the lowest ranking 2020 candidate, the first to drop out of the race, could step up and take Joe's spot. I also, sadly predict, Warren would be picked as Kamala's VP. The dimocraps could claim the first female president and vice president. No, I think Joe is VERY temporary.

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