I sincerely hope

 That no one, Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, traitor or Patriot, does anything stupid today at the Inauguration. 

Sadly, it is possible. 

3 thoughts on “I sincerely hope

  1. gonna happen. they prepped the media space with reports of" credible intel that yada yada will attempt to mix in w/ng and shoot the prez. added to the vetting ng to purge yada yadas. they've talked some Prozac kid into it n loaded his social media with correct garbage to convince the low i.q. viewers. b/c that's what it is, a big show. they need to get ol joe out of the way n what better way. cw3 here we go.

  2. Is it?

    Borepatch and ASM have a post up today about surveillance. Apparently anyone with a cellphone in the area is getting flagged and recorded. There’s cameras everywhere. There’s squaddies everywhere. Tanks and APCs are parked in the driveway. If anyone gets inside that perimeter to cause a disturbance… they were either let in, or they are part of some Donk morality play.

    Any angry dissidents really don’t have to worry much. Joe and Kamala are sitting on a powder keg now, smoking and decanting gasoline into hundreds of small jerry cans. Their minions are playing with fire crackers and some are playing with flame throwers. They will set the country ablaze at some point… but not today.

  3. You can rest assured that NO ONE on the right wants to substitute Kamel-a Harris for Slow Mo Joe Biden. Not so on the left, where brain-damaged Joe Biden is seen as a speed bump in the way of Kommie Kamela. Joey better have eyes in the back of his head.

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