It is done.

 Legitimate or not, Joe Biden is now the (current) President of the United States.

So  all of you who are full of hate, anger, and remorse….

Let it go. We can’t do anything about it without starting a war….and a Civil war might well be worse than 4 years of Harris/Biden. I see no way to unscrew this. There is, effectively, nothing to be done. 

Hate burns us up inside….look at what it has done to the folks with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Let it go. Don’t waste time with what might have or should have been…..Go forward with what we have. Deal with it. Don’t let it take up residence in your head. 

Go forward. Live. Live Well. Deal with what comes. Prepare, yes. But above all, let it go and Go Forward. Expect the worst, prepare for it, but don’t let hate blind you to the act of Living. We may have lemons, let us make lemonade. We may have gotten screwed. Deal.With.It and go forward. 

I fear there are Dark Days ahead for many of us. So be it. We shall survive.  Don’t live in the past. Live. 

To live in the past is to fail. Succeed going forward. Don’t forget, but Let It Go. 

I intend to. 

10 thoughts on “It is done.

  1. I won't live in the past but I won't forget it either. For the last four plus years I have been told that because I supported President Trump I was called a racists, a white supremacist and countless other derogatory terms. I will not forgive and I will not forget.

  2. Live on, live well, work to get the Democrats out of control of the House and Senate in 2022, and practice Irish Democracy as much as possible.

  3. That's right ! When you are being raped, DON'T FIGHT IT ! Lay back and PRETEND that you wanted it ! No use in fighting, that will only ANGER them. Let's just all hold hands and sing Kunbayya with them as we watch our country turn into a colony of Red China. Fighting is impolite. We can all be friends. Now go work on your social credit scores, do what you are told, and just shut the fuck up.

  4. OK, Dogsledder. What are YOU (PERSONALLY) gonna do? How are YOU gonna fix things? Change things? Make a difference? Who you gonna fight?

    Or are you gonna be like the folks with TDS and spend the next 4 years bitching and being consumed with hate while the rest of us go on living?

    I never said be friends…I never said ignore it. I said don't let that hate pay rent in your mind. It gets in the way of living.

  5. Might be an eight year democrat reign. I am hoping Trump runs as an independent in 2024. Both blue and red can bite it that year as I and many others will opt for the third party candidate. It would not surprise me at all, and I am very hopeful. I would put up with another democrat term to show the republicans how messed up and spineless they are as a party anymore. McConnel is already bending over and being a good little lapdog. Trump would probably suck enough votes for the republicans to lose big time. He would probably do WAY better than Perot did. He would in fact legitimize the third party. Hell, it would be outstanding if he won. Both parties would be slack jawed. I am hopeful the right wing nutjobs drive joe and kamala nuts like the left did to Trump for four years. They deserve it. I will show up on election day and try and vote the communists down, but I look forward to 2024, because I believe Trump is going to throw a monkey wrench into the two party show and it is going to be spectacular, whether or not he wins.

  6. Might not be a good idea to say what I might do. We have returned to the days of 1776 when we were unable to choose our own leaders. Do you know what that means ? If we are unable to choose our own leaders and those we want to represent us in a government, we are not citizens, but serfs or subjects or slaves not on an equal footing with those who decide for us. Decide for us what our laws will be, what we can or cannot say, what guns we can or cannot own and whether we can travel, work at our jobs, and many other things. Have you not seen recently that some of the victors want to deny Trump supporters of employment ? Try them for crimes like General Flynn ? Even boot Cruz and Hawley out of the U.S. senate ? Impeach House members who objected to the electoral count ?
    I don't know what I will be doing in the next four years but I will not be quiet. And depending on the circumstances, probably not too peaceful. I could not possibly comment on anything that would not be "peaceful"- depending on what "mostly peaceful" means anyway. Peaceful or not, I will be a pain in the ass to those who I blame for stealing the election. I have already so far been banned from Twatter, I cannot Tweet or even look at any of their pages. I just get an error page. I am banned from commenting on U-tube videos and have had all of my previous comments deleted from every video I have ever commented on, and cannot subscribe to any of their channels. I have sent numerous emails to democrats and RINOs with very explicit language that is not safe for work. Aside from these currently legal actions, I could not possibly comment on what may happen. Any number of things may happen, demanding very different responses. I will not say that I will or others should do anything illegal but there is plenty that even 3% of 75 million Trump voters can do and I will be on their side.

  7. Perhaps you can ignore the realities and dodge them in your secure bubble, B. Maybe your wealth insulates you? Maybe you are not close enough to the vibrancy and diversity that has destroyed entire cities? The guys that did that are now going to go at it faster and harder. They aren’t going to stop either… they are going to keep going until they either destroy your country (and they will blame you for that) – or they are stopped.

    I’ve worked for and covered for imported third world human trash. I’ve had my strong, independent and empowered female boss come into my office and burst into tears with her emotional problems. My beautiful daughter came home from college as a bitter, angry lesbian social justice warrior. For the past 20 years I’ve been told to shut up and take it by sanctimonious cucks, shitlibs and SJWs. No more.

    You can shove your good sportsmanship up your ass. That is how we got here. Maybe none of that affected you and that’s fair… but they are stealing elections, censoring and cancelling people now. At some point, moderation and restraint turns into craven collaboration.

    You might want to take an interest in what’s going on beyond your protected bubble. When they bring that final fight to me I will take it and accept whatever comes of it. If I fight alone I don’t care. I will take some of them with me when I go.

  8. Thinking an election is going to change things is not only delusional but downright ignorant.

    They blatantly fixed 2 national elections, back to back. Don't you think they will cement this election fix into law over the next few months? There will never be another election won by anyone they don't want to win. EVER. Accept it, deal with it and proceed accordingly.

    Let it go? No sir, I will not let it go. Nor will I let it consume me. Because blind hatred does not win wars. Cold, focused anger on the other hand is quite powerful.

    Go about your business quietly, discretely and powerfully.

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