So… questions about the Nashville Incident:

 While the photos of the crime scene are few and far between and typically don’t show much detail, there are things that I CAN see..

Ferinstance.. the street does not appear to have a big crater…which would tell us that the explosive wasn’t TNT or likely even ANFO… (Or it wasn’t that big of a bomb if it were miltary grade explosive)…(I could be wrong here, as the data is slim and there aren’t good overheads)…but it appears that this was a fairly low order explosion. 

The FBI and ATF haven’t told us what kind of explosive was used (so far) so we really don’t know….But, again,  from the types of damage, it does not appear to be a high order explosion, which means it was likely a homemade bomb, albeit a decent sized one. Had it been a high order explosion contained in that relatively narrow street the damage would likely have been much greater. More structural damage to the buildings near the explosion site. Like most of the building facades would have collapsed…which leads me to wonder. 

The ATT facility was damaged, but not destroyed….It is already coming back online…which still begs the question…was it the target? If so, why? If it wasn’t the target, then what was? 

So what type of “bomb” was it…? Why was it placed where it was placed? Other than the ATT building, the area seems pretty much not a target. If it WAS the ATT switch, why? (The systems that are used for telecom switching would make the interruptions of service limited to farirly local, not nationwide…..) Why there? And, of course, nearly all the police and Federal Investigators are focused on the bomb scene…..and not anywhere else in the area. 

I still have the feeling there is something else.. a second layer, as it were, that we are not yet aware of. 


3 thoughts on “So… questions about the Nashville Incident:

  1. I see this as a distraction for something else that was going on at the same time. Classic Hollyweird stuff…

  2. The facility was damaged more by EMP as a result of the blast than by the blast itself. The building is hardened against nuclear attack and can withstand an overpressure of about 5 PSI which is a Megaton bomb at 500-1,000 feet in the air.
    It was a practice run or a diversion but I tend to believe it was a practice run to see how easy it will be to shut down the electronics if needed during the next contested election. When equipment is brought back up after a sudden outage any backup data, real or contrived for the purpose, can be inserted with no one being able to detect the truth since all metadata over a period of time will have been erased/destroyed.
    2021 is going to be a whole lot more interesting than 2020 ever thought of being.

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