The day after:

 I hope you all had a good Christmas… gifts, food, and fellowship. 

Further, I hope you all remembered why we celebrate…

SO the story of the explosion in Nashville is odd. 

Gunfire heard in the area…, then the cops “noticed” the RV…..? Said RV had been reported to have been parked there the night before…. and was unremarked until the morning….

Then the RV began warning everyone with a voice message that an explosion was imminent (Kudos to the cops who took the warning and got people nearby to safety!) 

Then it exploded…..Apparently damaging a telecommunications switch point. 

Lots of oddities here. Like something out of a spy or adventure novel. 

One wonders what residence or bank or other facility was robbed while this was going on and there was no way for the alarm system to signal a break-in? (after all, if a Bank or Government facility, it might be closed unilt the next day, or even the following Monday….a long time, really, for the thieves to get away)…..Obviously, the perpetrators of the explosion did not wish to hurt anyone…..Or perhaps it was a disgruntled employee of the telpehone company? 

Either way, lots and lots of oddities. Not consistent with Terrorism as we generally define it. I bet the FBI and their ilk are having a fun time of it today. 

6 thoughts on “The day after:

  1. Main switching hub for Eastern Tennessee… Look further afield for 'actions'…

  2. from my understanding, there was a REPORT of gunfire by anon caller. then the prerecorded warning, then kaboom. social media posts as well. this is clearly someone intent on destroying infrastructure not terrorism. ask the question what was really there? there are ten or fifteen hubs in the country that every international call, text and email come thru and are recorded by nsa clone servers. don't know for certain nashville is one or not but begs the question, aye? of all the multitude of footage i have seen no rv.

  3. Anyone considered a false flag op?

    I agree that this one is more than a little odd.

  4. Supposedly, ATT center there was supposed to be auditing the Dominion voting system.

  5. You can rule out a disgruntled employee. If it was someone who wanted to damage AT&T they would have dropped their bomb in manhole "0" near the building and reeked absolute havoc with the facility without harming anyone or needing to warn anyone.

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