The perfect Patsy

 OK, maybe not a perfect patsy……but a pretty good one. 

So Anthony Quinn Warner is blamed for the explosion in Nashville on Christmas. 

Oddities though. He was killed in the explosion, so he can’t speak for himself, nor can he be interviewed…no one to refute the claims of his paranoia, nor corraborate it either……. Further, he gave his two homes away to some woman months ago. And apprently didn’t live at the house where the RV was parked anymore…..

Odd, innit? And there is no way for authorities to look at surveillance video to know if someone drove his RV to the scene…perhaps dead, and perhaps alive before the explosion…..we don’t know simply because there isn’t (wasn’t) enough surveillance on the scene to tell if someone left the RV after it was parked…And Mr Warner isn’t answering any Law Enforcement investigators questions……

I guess we will have to wait for the authorities to make up a better story fill in the details.

I’m still thinking there is another facet here. 

ETA: I don’t think that “Dominion” had anything to do with this….IF (and it is an IF) there is any data on the voting ystems it would be stored in many locations….and this was a telecommunications SWITCH point that was taken offline. Servers might have been there, but they would be backed up elsewhere as well…..So I don’t think Dominion voting data has anything to do with this. I think there is another facet here that we don’t yet know about. There is no logical reason to connect the two, except unfounded conspiracies. There was nothing to be gained as far as hiding some “data” that may or may not esist. There are easier and better ways to get rid of the “Dominion Data” than a half-assed bombing.

Means, motive, opportunity. What was Mr Warners? 

7 thoughts on “The perfect Patsy

  1. and sometimes its just a guy, like me, tired of the bullshit world we live in. we'll never know.

  2. I have read a few of the conspiracy theorists, and they are saying that AT&T had a contract to do an audit of Dominion voting machines,and they were either housed at that site, or headed there.
    I have not found any proof of that, or any link to it either. But it will certainly lend credence to the argument of the Trump campaign of election fraud,if it could be shown that such a contract did exist.
    Of course, every single American knows in their heart that the election was rigged, even if they are a Democrat who simply refuses to see it.


  3. 'Sounds like someone got Clintoned "for the common good…"

  4. Could have been a practice run. Communications hubs are hardened sites. Most were built to withstand a direct overhead nuclear burst. It would take some trial and error to get the amount of explosives correct to breach the facility and do physical damage to the equipment. Most of the damage being reported, while sketchy, seems to be EMP damage generated by the blast.
    Common thread to this 'attack' and most mass shooter and other questionable incidents is that the main character was known to the FBI. All the main characters were known to the FBI prior to their doing their dirty work. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would say that they were all FBI shills doing the government's dirty work to set up the narrative of how we need more laws, more lockdowns, more government surveillance. But I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am a realist so yes, they were sick people being manipulated to do the deep state's bidding.

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