It occurs to me

 That there is more evidece for “Election Fraud” in 2020 than there ever was for “Russian Interference” in 2016. 

If only we could get an investigation into the Election Fraud in 2020 that would match the scope and effort that was put into the “Russian Interference” claim, we’d actually have something for the money we spent. 

But the Powers on the Right care little, so long as Trump is on his way out. They are willing to take Joe Biden “Winning” a very flawed election over 4 more years of Donald Trump/ The Left gets what it wants.The only loser is the USA and its citizens. 

So there is no Congressional or Senatorial investigation. 

4 thoughts on “It occurs to me

  1. So much evidence and yet you can't produce any of it. More importantly, neither can the Trump campaign or RNC attorneys.

    I asked you for evidence, links, etc. over two weeks ago. Crickets!

    Two nights ago, I watched Hannity show a scroll of voting "irregularities" and "oddities." Why is none of this showing up in the Trump campaign's court cases and the RNC court cases. Maybe it's because the standard for submitting evidence in a court of law is much higher than that for Hannity's entertainment (Fox's own self-admission) show.


  2. Oddly, we have video of fraud taking place.

    Where was the evidence of the 2016 "Russian Interference"? THere was none, yet your side spent tens of millions of dollars on a sideshow that found nothing.

    Apparently there is enough evidence for seven (I think it is, now) states to file suit against WI, PA, GA and others for their alloing fraud.

    You can deny all you like, but you know it is there. You accept it because your side won, Despite the loss of integrity in our election process. FOlks like you are traitors to the country and the COnstiution. Real patriots would want an investigation….You wanted one for the "Russioan Intereference, for which there was even less evidence…..

  3. B said, "Oddly, we have video of fraud taking place."

    I've seen video on Tucker Carlson's show and Hannity's show. I've heard Fox news commentators and "experts" allege fraud when detailing what they think is the activity contained in these videos.

    You know what I haven't seen? Any of this video being used and/or accepted in the lawsuits being filed by the Trump campaign or the RNC. As I said above, probably because there's a much higher standard for what is accepted in court compared to what can be used on a network show.

    B said, "Apparently there is enough evidence for seven (I think it is, now) states to file suit against WI, PA, GA and others for their alloing fraud."

    Apparently there isn't. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

    When your hunches and gut feelings turn into actual facts, I'll support a thorough investigation into the election process. Until then I think it is sad that you are willing to shred the integrity of our election process with unsubstantiated claims solely because your guy lost.

    Of course I don't think you're a traitor for this. I think you're just an American citizen exercising his first amendment rights to express his opinion. I guess you're not willing to afford me the same courtesy.


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