Watching the Sunday media

 (Or one might genuinely call it Propaganda) broadcasts…

EVERY.SINGLE. ONE. used (repeatedly) the term “Safe and Effective” when referring to the Covid Vaccine…

Like “We are distributing this “Safe and Effective” vaccine as fast as possible”

“Distribution of ths “Safe and Effective” Vaccine is being organized to get to everyobody as fas as can be”

And so on, and so forth….

EVERY. SINGLE channel used the term….multiple times. 

One almost might think that they are not sure, and are reapeating it as a Mantra. 

4 thoughts on “Watching the Sunday media

  1. I remember that new "safe and effective" anthrax vaccine and others they forced the guys in the military (glad I was out by then)to take and the problems they had with the results.

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