Framing the narrative

 ALL the media uses terms like “Baseless Claims” and “Unfounded Allegations” and “Unsubstantiated Accusations” …”Totally unfounded Claims” to describe Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud ….almost like there is someone telling them how to frame the narrative or something……All of the Big Tv Media uses the same terms….I see it in both the National news and the “Local” stuff out of Chicago. 

And yet, Texas and a whole bunch of states have chosen to file  lawsuits over those claims….

3 thoughts on “Framing the narrative

  1. The MSM is owned by just a few people–so all of their narrative comes from essentially a single source probably by the latest incarnation of Journolist.

  2. Filing the lawsuit is the easy part.

    Let's see if any of it sticks.


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