And another thing:

 Now that the “elections” are over…(or at least the polling that we claimed is a free and fair election)…have ya noticed how, miraculously, there have apparently been no shootings of “innocent Black Men” by the police…(Or at least the Media isn’t hyping the fact that it has happened)…no outrage being fanned by Facebook posts, no Social Media …no Twitter, nothing on the Television….nothing. 

It’s od, innit? Almost like the Media was using Black people to skew the voting habits of Black people and Brown people and other minorities…..One might (if one were a suspicious person like me…or perhaps just someone who can think) come to believe that there was a campaign to fan some outrage over nonexistent inequities in some segments of our society for a purpose……

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  1. Yeah; and now the people who were "fanned" have realized they were nothing more than useful idiots, and are screaming foul because Biden isn't putting enough dindus in his cabinet…


  2. And is the Media hyping it, "PeteP? Are the DNC led media influencers driving it on FaceBook and Twitter? Are they organizing riots for the Black people and the idiot white guilt liberals to attend so that there can be an oupouring of rage in "Peaceful" protests?

    I'm not seeing it. I guess that the DNC doesn't need those black folks anymore? n(At least not until next election)

  3. It's just like back in the Bush years. Every military death overseas was named in every publication and the media sued to be able to take and show photos of caskets arriving at Dover AFB. It stopped instantly when Obama took office and it was hardly ever mentioned again even when the casualty count went UP under Obama. The biggest power that the media has is the power to ignore, and if they ignore things, it's like those those things never happened. You know, like Hunter Biden's activities before the election.

  4. The link I posted was from CBS, but I could have chosen links from dozens of mainstream media sources.

    Now you have told me on multiple occasions that the mainstream media is the mouthpiece for the DNC and the left. So, by your "logic" the left is pushing this.

    Additionally, it's only been 7 days since this killing happened. Only the George Floyd killing produced spontaneous protests within days. It was months after the Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery killings before protests took place.

    If it is found that Casey Goodson was unarmed when police killed him, I'm guessing there will be protests in short order.


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