Have you noticed?

 For the past 9 months or so, there has been little to no mention of the whole Global Warming/Climate Change/”CO2 is gonna Kill the Planet” meme? 

I mean, we now have people sitting in their cars, lines of them ,miles long, just sitting in their cars, idling for HOURS and yet that is acceptable. We have delivery drivers delivering meals and grocery orders in cities…where people were once told to walk in order to get their food…

Now burning all that gasoline is somehow acceptable….why now? Why was it unaccptable during the Obama years and for most of the Trump administration? Have we, perhaps, simply spent too much time and graft money on it? Rmember the “Green New Deal”? All of a sudden, it appears to be dead….Much like the Solyndra debacle…

4 thoughts on “Have you noticed?

  1. I have had conversations exactly on the topic of End o the World shit that just stopped being a problem.

  2. nah, its on the comeback now that they think they won the election. even trotted out greta to admonish us this week. of course they flew her and her family via private jet.

  3. Have you also noticed they no longer care about waste. Waste like the straws they banned, yet now, we have single use masks and gloves in mass use. I know, as I have to pick up discarded masks and gloves people discard out their car windows and land in my front yard.

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