“all legally cast ballots”


So the stament has been made….”We have counted all Legitimately cast ballots three times and thre has been no significant change” 

But the question is…how do we know all those ballots that exist were legally cast? Were legitmate ballots? 

Once the ballots that were of doubtful provenance (Those Mail-In ballots that arrived late, those that were admitted with no postmark, those that had no signature or those where the signature was not legible or those where the state simply didn’t bother to verify the signatures at all)…once those ballots are placed in the mix…once they have been intermingled with the other ballots…the “legitimate” ones…how do you separate the suspect ballots back out? So far, as far as I can tell, those ballots are still counted as “Legitimate” even if they are of suspect origin…

Once you toss illegitimate (or at least unverified or suspect illegitimate) ballots in the pile, then all ballots become suspect….therefore there can be no way to determine which were “Legally Cast Ballots” and which were not..

4 thoughts on ““all legally cast ballots”

  1. Nothing's going to be done about the fraud. To admit fraud would be to nullify the election. They ain't gonna do that, because at that point, the whole machine would fly apart. So it's "Nothing to see here, folks. Move it along," and Hello "president" Biden…

    The country is lost… It just doesn't know it yet…

  2. Heck,I, just as you gents have, brought that point up at the start. It is the exact point of why mail in ballots are the source of untraceable fraud on a massive scale. They are, on their face, fraud without "evidence" of fraud , excepting the beyond 100% voter turn-out, which again becomes "okay, so which votes do we throw away?" It is why any state that has done a non absentee vote by mail must be excluded as having corrupted the election with ballots from unverifiable sources. It is why unless voting is done IN PERSON, there MUST be a way to link mail in ballots to specific, living, eligible, verifiable voters, which could not then be secret.

  3. In studying sanitation systems there’s a mostly rhetorical question that often comes up. “What do you get when you mix 10 gallons of clean water with 1 gallon of sewage?” Of course everyone with a clue knows the answer is “11 gallons of sewage!”

    When the prospects of “stay at home” orders came up early this year, there were people already worried about or salivating over the type of disarray that could be brought about by mail in ballots. So really this is all pretty much expected.

    The various legal challenges must be pursued but at the end of the day there is a tall, cool glass of sewage in front of all of us and we’re expected to drink it.

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