So…a question:

 If (and it is an “IF”) masks in public really work effectively to prevent the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus…

And since in nearly every state, there has been rigorous enforcement of mask wearing inside buildings and such….even if that compliance is gained by FORCING the businesses to comply (Except, of course while eating or drinking…because for some reason breathing while eating in a restaurant doesn’t spread Corona….nor does breathing while drinking at a bar…? But walking in and out or gto the restroom does…..?)

Then why do we have this sudden spike in cases (but, oddly, not an equivalent surge in hospitalizations nor deaths) if masks really are effective? 

I mean, really, does anyone believe ANYTHING the so-called “authorities” are telling us? 

I certainly don’t. 

ETA: Have you been getting the stats on your local news? We get them here for three states (used to be only two until Wisconsin got high enough that they could use those numbers to gin-up fear) Anyway, if you look at the raw data that the TV folks present, it looks like a 0.03% death rate….pretty much what it has been since we started our “2 weeks to “flatten the curve”” ….8 months ago… And they give this data them tell us that they had a record number of tests performed…but then exclaim that the “Number of cases is rising!!!).  And apparently people buy it…

This tells much about the ability of our populace to either look at statistics and interpret the data and/or the state of our education system that supposedly taught them to count….much less critical thinking skills…

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  1. My contacts here inform me that the issue is the absenteeism of healthcare workers.

    One large provider (I am not at liberty to share the name) is getting 60-to-90 new call-ins a day and they anticipate each call-in will be absent for 14 days.

    Getting nurses, doctors, pharmacists, orderlies and hospital custodians blown out of the saddle is not a huge percentage of the Michigan numbers but it does throw a long shadow.

    The good news is that most of them will have some immunity when the rest of us get it.

  2. In California, there has been a mask mandate since the beginning, save for about two weeks in May. Nanny… er… "governor" Newsom's intoxication with authoritarianism knows no end. So… over the past EIGHT MONTHS nothing's changed. All of a sudden, two weeks before Election Day, HERE COMES THE WAAAVVE! How? Why? The masks work; right? Nothing changed. procedure-wise, since May. Your turn, "authorities…"

    Tell people a lie long enough, and they'll believe it… The sheep, anyway…

  3. my state is claiming a spike in cases, but i been listening to the numbers every day and they are steady at 1100 to 1300 a day, 1300 being moday because the counters don't work on sunday. yet the death toll remains the same. the gov announced tighter restrictions today. we are being played.

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