Is our health care system run by total idiots?

 Or is the Media hyping a line of bullshit?

I mean, first we had the incredible overreaction by the States healthcare system back in February, March and April….Things like the Javits Center in NY and McCormack place in Chicago…huge mobilizations that ended up caring for tens of patients. Tens.

We heard stories of health care workers being put in danger because there were incredible shortages of PPE and trained personnel (But, Heroes that they were, they soldiered on…..making Tik-Tok videos, of course)

Now, 7 months later, we are hearing the same stories…Hospitals are about to become overwhelmed, and there are, again, Dangerously low levels of PPE for those heroic health care workers….

Look: It isn’t like this “surge” in cases is a surprise. At least not to anyone with more than 3 synapses that are firing. 

And the “shortage” of PPE? You’d think that these folks who run the hospitals could foresee and stock for a continued need for PPE…if nothing else they should have learned from the debacle 7 or 8 months earlier and planned ahead

Oddly, there has been no shortage of Hospital type masks available in the retail market…nor gloves. But the hospitals can’t find enough to stock accordingly?

So, either someone is incompetent, at many levels, or the Media is lying. 

Sadly, either is possible. 

5 thoughts on “Is our health care system run by total idiots?

  1. I don't think that it's, 'They CAN'T buy it' (ppe) it's They don't feel THEY should PAY for it.

    somewhat related, did you see Elon Musk covid testing, interesting.

  2. Yes and yes. One of the side effects of introducing .gov backed insurance is administration built around accountancy types who read rule books and coverage lists and maximize for billable treatment plans rather than applying critical thinking to figure out how to guard against the unknown in their mission to treat the…who are they again? Customers I guess.

    Add to that a media system that gets rewarded for eyeballs on the screen and any time the a hospitals’ planning didn’t live up to the reality of a situation it’s a huge nation wide crisis. Regardless of whether or not the effects are seen elsewhere.

  3. 1) The PPE that's in short supply isn't "hospital-type" masks.
    Those are to actual PPE what military intelligence is to intelligence, or Taco Bell is to actual food.

    2) You can't buy stuff "months earlier" and "plan ahead" when the source of 70-90% of the exact PPE you are missing – protective gowns, N95 masks, etc. – is ChiComia. Still. And they aren't shipping any of that out until they think they have enough for themselves. If this is news, anywhere, someone hasn't been paying the least attention since about January.

    3) There's a surge in cases, because for 95% of the country, all y'all have treated this as mythological, and compliance with even the most basic suggestions has been farcically low. Like 40-60%, on a good day, from published reports. Now you're getting a firsthand edumacation in reality, because of that exact rampant Gilliganism. Best Wishes with how that works out at the pointy end, a few more weeks into this.

    4) All of this overlooks the fact that re-instituting lockdowns is insupportable, and that less drastic measures would work fine to slow this down, if any state could get most of its 80-IQ morons to go along with just that minimal level of common sense precautions. And while you're up, I'd like world peace, the cell phone number of the Playmate of the Year, the winning powerball ticket, and a pony.

    5) Most of the carping for more lockdowns now is being ginned up and stoked hotter by the exact cabal of idiots who catcalled shutting down flights here from China last February, and they're not doing it now to tame a pandemic, they're taking advantage of a crisis to control your entire life, and make every swinging Richard wholly dependent upon Uncle Sugar for everything, from health care to food to being alive.
    Like we've been expecting since pretty much ever, at least for the last century or so.

    6) All that being true, Kung Flu remains no hoax, it's nothing you want to catch, and for about 2-3% of everyone who gets it, it's going to punch their ticket for the Stygian Ferry. And they won't all be 85-year-old medical trainwrecks. (The other 97% or so will largely be fine.) The only bright light is the likelihood of 2-8 successful vaccines, all with a high probability of efficacy, in the next couple of months. And we don't need 330M vaccinations; if you vaccinate the 40M oldest people in the country, then first-line responders, and then anyone else who wants the vaccine, the number of deaths from this going forward drops below the number of deaths from lightning strikes, or getting killed by a toppled vending machine, and then it's not "just the flu, bro", it becomes pretty much a complete nothingburger.

    Until the next pandemic.

    What's run by total idiots isn't the healthcare system.
    The total idiots all work in government, because the pay is better and there's less to do that resembles actual work.
    Like always.

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