I gotta say it

 While there is a great deal of evidence that there was voter fraud that took place in Pennsylvania, Michigan, possibly Wisconsin and Georgia, (lots of INDIRECT evidence)  I have not seen any DIRECT evidence. 

I have no doubt that the lots of “found” ballots ( those tranches of ballots that that came in well after the deadline and oddly, in strange ways) that were overwhelmingly for Biden (to the point of statistical impossibility) were manufactured and illegal votes. Similarly the “late” votes and the ones with illegible (or no) postmarks that were allowed contrary to election law that were also, oddly overwhelmingly statistically unlikely for Biden that should not have been counted…Not to mention the mail-in ballots that had either missing  or non matching signatures that also were allowed…and again, were overwhelmingly for Mr. Biden.  

Having said that, despite the words of Donald the Trump and his henchman Giuliani stating otherwise, I have not seen (at least so far) any court cases nor evidence that would force a recount. It is getting a bit late if they truly have the evidence they claim that they can take to the courts. If they got some, it is time to ante up. We have heard a lot of words, but seen no action. 

If they don’t do so soon, then I feel that the election is lost. 

7 thoughts on “I gotta say it

  1. Yep, it's a done deal, at least for THIS election… dammit

  2. The election will be lost.

    Which either institutes civil war; or else the entire country itself is irretrievably lost.

    The people angling to clutch the shreds of what they cannot keep, no matter what, rather than start the conflict, is baffling, apart from the eternal quest for glorious inertia amongst all mankind.

    As usual, the issue will be decided by the 10% at either extreme, and the 80% in the middle will stand and gape when either version of madness descends upon them like an avalanche.

  3. Yep. Lots of indicators, but doesn’t look like enough proof to convince a significant number of people. If you had 4 years you might be able to put together the pieces enough to find Hard proof that really swayed some opinions but at most there would be a handful of politicritters willing to do that, so it’s pretty sure to get buried.

    As I have previously noted, the theories presented don’t require massive top down organization, just a hint and a nod to the ‘right people’. In the moth between election gay and electoral votes, there’s little chance of exposing enough to count. Without the massive mail-in ballots it would have been a different ballgame.

    Of course in 4 years time, massive subsidized migration and politicized media may well make such measures unnecessary.
    Oh well, or words to that effect.

  4. Aesop: You always talk a big game. So a question:

    Are you gonna start a Hot Civil War? Are you part of that 10%? Or are you gonna be in that 80% you deride?

    If yer gonna stand up, then do it. I'd hate to think you are a Keyboard Commando. Step up.

    Me? I think that the country survived 8 years of Barry Sorotero, and it will survive 4 years of Kamala Harris and?/or (while he lives) Joe Biden. I believe a Civil war will damage the country more than they will. (And more importantly, weaken us so that the Chinese will have an opportunity for overt action).

    But go ahead….Step Up…I won't stand in your way. Who knows, I might even decide you are right, and join you. You seem to feel that War is the best option….so stand up and Walk the Talk.

  5. You have to get off the mainstream sites. Twitter, Facebook, InstaG – they're all censoring like mad trying to cover this up. Look at how they absolutely refused to allow any mention of Biden's crack headed son and his penchant for drugs and underaged prostitutes. If you go on Gab, Parler, Rumble and the other alt-tech sites, you will see these mutts ballot stuffing, burning ballots, and obstructing lawful scrutineers in broad daylight. They pose for the pics, and they are captured on video doing it.

    Aesop is over reacting again – but you are, at some point, going to be forced to consider civil disobedience. At some point, I suspect somebody will take exception to having their lives destroyed by 'peaceful protestors' … and somebody else (possibly several somebodies) are going to get shot and they will deserve it. Some tough times are in the offing, and some seriously bad people will need to be stepped on.

  6. Glen,

    Quick question.

    With all these pics and videos of massive voter fraud on these alt-tech sites, why haven't the Trump campaign attorneys introduced any of it as evidence in the many lawsuits they have filed?


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