A thought:

 So Menards (and Home Depot) both were early adopters of the “Mask Mandate”…here where I live in Indiana, months before the state-wide requirements for masks came into effect,,..

But they don’t disinfect ANYTHING.

Not carts, not credit card machines, nothing.

The Virus is transmitted via touch and via airborne at a similar rate…

Yet  again, we have the requirement for masks, but nothing else. Much like in a restaurant, or a bar, where one is dangerous when walking to and from the table (or the bathroom) but not when eating or drinking…..

The local grocery stores, all of them, including Wal-Mart, DO at least make the attempt to sanitize the carts and other common touch surfaces. 

Much like the TSA, it is all Theater. 

3 thoughts on “A thought:

  1. And then there are the "elected public servants" who feel their own rules apply to everyone else but them… Yeah… right…

  2. Checking temperatures is theater. Absolutely.

    Masking works. (I'm open to counter-argument: just provide the names of the first world hospitals that don't require masks in general surgery, and in fact actually prohibit them, and you win.)

    Failure to disinfect: that's just stupid laziness.
    Gilligan FTW, Example #3042.

  3. Aesop: Show me evidence that they work, and I'll believe you. If they were effective, we should have stopped this disease already as most mask mandates have been in effect for about 10 cycles of infection….there should be little or no cases if masking the population was an effective deterrent to the spread.

    So go ahead, prove it. Or shut up.

    Your history shows you are big on talk, but not much else.

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