WHY Won’t anyone listen to us?

 So driving today, I was listening to WBBM and they had Governor Pritzkers “Covid News Conference”…which is apparently some kind of weekly radio show where he lectures the rest of the citizens of Illinois about what they are doing wrong and how they should just listen to him and do as he says….(As opposed to what he and his family do).

But his main message today was that people Just Don’t Believe the severity of this “Covid Crisis”.

“The Projections show a massive increase in cases and out Hospitals COULD be overwhelmed”…Gee, where have we heard THAT mantra before? And oddly, it didn’t happen 8 or 9 months ago, despite the “Projections” telling us that there were gonna be 7 Million …no 4 Mill,,,no, 2 Million..no wait, lessee here, 1.2 million…no, wait, 850 Thous…no wait, half a Million, no like maybe something less than that…

And we trashed the economy and basically huddled in our homes for nearly 8 months….and yet we gained nothing. 

So WHY don’t the citizens of Illinois believe the Great Governor Pritzker? Maybe because he hasn’t been right at any point in this crisis? Maybe because the predictions he used as an excuse to destroy the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people in his state were off by several orders of magnitude? Or that the 2 weeks 8 months of “flattening the curve” didn’t change anything? Or, it could be because he doesn’t make his family follow the rules he thinks everyone else should follow? 

I dunno. 

6 thoughts on “WHY Won’t anyone listen to us?

  1. And because Sweden never locked down, and they are doing better than we are???

  2. California has had a mask mandate since the beginning. California has had draconian restrictions since the beginning. Why then, if masks are so effective, is there this huge SPIKE in the number of cases? Oh… Yeah… Election Day…

    Masks are useless… So are nanny politicians…

  3. The pandemic scam works very well for the left. They can make up fake morbidity stats and blame it all on Trump. It diverts attention in many big liberal cities away from crushing other problems like insane taxes, crumbling infrastructure, and endemic corruption. The scam allows them to pose as heroes bravely fighting for the public good as they stuff their pockets and pay their cronies under the table. It has even been instrumental in facilitating massive voter fraud in their cities. On what planet do mail in ballots and no electoral scrutiny or waiving voter ID make sense?

  4. Hi Midwest Chick,

    You are correct; no mandates issued, but their message is changing.

    Probably a reaction to the current surge in infections and deaths in a country that claimed herd immunity (at least according to that doctor that B linked to back in May).


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