“While Black”

 So, suddenly, YoutTube thinks that I care about the propaganda campaign that shows the terrible treatments of black people by cops simply because of the color of their skin.

The harassment that black men endure….oddly enough, all when they ahve video and oddly enough all in the past two months. 

Strange timing, innit?


You can find many more if you look. Most in the past 2 or three months. 

Of course, this only happens to black people, never to whites nor hispanics, right?

3 thoughts on ““While Black”

  1. So Youtube sent you these videos, unsolicited by yourself? How'd they do that?


  2. Youtube put
    em in the front page. and in the list on the right side, no matter what I was watching.

  3. Interesting.

    I don't use youtube very often, mostly for music related items.

    Went down the wormhole for a while tonight. Outside of a few political adds from both parties, it was just my music stuff.

    Who'd you piss off at youtube?


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