So…lemme get this straight:

 Seems tht the Democrats questioners of Amy Coney Barrett want her to be impartial, but also want her to tell them how she would decide some Liberal causes…

I found them to be irritating. They want her to prejudge the issues, even before there is an argument made one way or another. They want her to choose a side…

It would seem that they don’t want an impartial judge, one that would do what we expect the Supremes to do…Examine and judge a case based on laws and the Constitution, but rather on ideology…(so long as it is Liberal Ideology, that is).

I find that disgusting. 

2 thoughts on “So…lemme get this straight:

  1. Something I read…somewhere about her.
    She's a mother of seven kids(?) so she's used to sitting there and answering stupid questions all day long.

  2. Judge Barrett opened herself up to that line of questioning when she signed on to that full page newspaper add decrying the Roe v. Wade decision and felt the need to publicly express her disagreement with the ACA.

    Probably won her brownie points with those on the right and played a role in her being considered for this nomination.

    But it also made what you find disgusting fair game.


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