So…a question:

 It is reported that there is an email chain that links Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Burisma, and other figures “arranging” for Joe to “meet” with officials that could influence (eliminate by threatening the dispersal of US aid) the corruption charges against Burisma.

Supposedly gotten off a laptop brought in for repair…and left, never to be picked up.

Whose content was subsequently copied by the shop owner, who then also contacted the FBI…who confiscated the laptop.

Now, this all happened about the time of Trump’s corruption charges and subsequent investigation….

And yet the FBI withheld this evidence and remained silent.  Odd, that, innit?

Forget the millions of Taxpayer dollars spent investigating the bogus claims, TH FBI KNEW THAT THEY WERE BOGUS AND HID EVIDENCE AND REMAINED SILENT. 

Think about that. Again, proof that the FBI wants Trump gone. That the FBI conspired to get rid of him. 

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