So….less than two weeks left:

13 days. 

“Beat the rush, panic early.”

If I were you, I’d go shopping. While there may not be the selection in the stores you might like, I’d go purchase some food and water, especially if one lives on a “Blue” city (or, for that matter, any city). 

Plan for some “civil unrest”. After all, we are likely to not have “election DAY” but rather “Election WEEK”. as mail in ballots that arrive after election day are counted as much as 5 days after. It may be that we have no clear president for as much as a week. 

I fully expect the Left to become violent….followed possibly by folks on the Right deciding they ahve had enough and taking action to quell it. 

Food, water, fuel. (Ammo is pretty much nonexistent unless one is lucky, or is willing to pay 5 times for it). Buy it and store it…it might be that the wise move is to stay home for a week or more. 

Don’t forget the pet food either!

If you don’t already have it, try to get a 2 (or more) week supply of your maintenance medicine….just to be sure you have some if you can’t get it. 

2 thoughts on “So….less than two weeks left:

  1. Be ready for whatever, folks. I don't think either side will accept the results of this election, and this has been by design. After all, what could POSSIBLY go wrong with mail-in ballots? …The list keeps growing…

    FIVE DAYS??? California is allowing ballots to count SEVENTEEN days past Election Day, as long as the ballots are postmarked by 03NOV! I wonder… just how hard it is to backdate a postmark stamp… …What could possibly go wrong?…

    I see this thing protracting over MONTHS. Ballots are going to be floating down out of the sky during that time, seemingly coming from nowhere… Look for this election to be settled by the Supreme Court…

  2. In california doesn't matter for the presidential election, we will go with whoever the damn democrat is. Representatives, on the other hand, are going to be stolen by the democrats again this election with this damn ballot harvesting bullshit.

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