An attempt to remain relevant

 The FBI has given a press conference telling us that they are ever vigilant and that they had “some information” about Iran and (possibly) Russia maybe sending some sort of “intimidating” emails to people….

Somehow, someone may have accessed voter information . No one said how, or who,  or what voter databases had been accesses…and what information they had that wasn’t already publicly available data. 

But they told us to be assured that the FBI is ON THE JOB. 

(no statement on the fact that they had knowledge that the entire “Russian Interference” meme was bullshit, and they knew it, nor that they had knowledge of Hunter Biden’s activities via the emails (and photos) on the Hard Drive that has recently surfaced via Giuliani and the Post…and that they sat on it for nearly a year)

(Start at 8:30)…for some reason it won’t embed

One thought on “An attempt to remain relevant

  1. It's beginning to sound more and more like Hoover's FBI…picking and choosing whom to harass and whom to give passes to for 'reasons'…

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