Kinda hard to believe them anymore

 So the evening “News” is telling us that “Hospitals are overwhelmed” ((again), even though they weren’t overwhelmed last time) by the new “Surge” in Coronavirus cases. 

Maybe this time they are telling us the truth. Last time, there were very few hospitals that were “overwhelmed”.

Much like the little boy that cried WOLF!, the media has lied time and time again, and I find it hard to give any credence to the warnings of doom this time.

The statistics are structured to frighten without giving a real, honest assessment. They tell us the total overall number of cases (since March, in most cases) and tell us the number of new cases without telling us how many of those new cases are symptomatic, how many are hospitalized….And they trumpet the number of deaths…but they make it difficult to find out any usable information….They don’t tell us what percentage of tests show a positive, for instance….

When people or organizations use statistics to frighten, rather than inform, I become suspicious. 

4 thoughts on “Kinda hard to believe them anymore

  1. The hospitals will be so overwhelmed that Tik-Tok will be full of new dance routines and passion plays made by medical 'professionals' all dressed up in the rare PPE.

    Yeah… overwhelmed…

  2. Horns, please… TA-TA-T'TAAAAH!! Another "surge…" Just in time for Election Day!

    Yeah; and we're never allowed a comparison between deaths by Kung Flu, and other causes, such as flu, diabetes, and the like. Neither does the AHLLOWED Johns-Hopkins website show concurrent graphs of COVID deaths alongside graphs of deaths the aforementioned maladies, as well as things like suicide, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse.

    …This thing was engineered…

  3. that's funny, in light of my niece nurse getting laid off. daily case report, yet the death total remains the same, hmmm.

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