One week deadline:

 So, just as an exercise….

What items will you need to purchase to keep your life “normal” in the next 3 weeks?

Forget about the following weeks (which may well also be problematic) or the Thanksgiving or Christmas season, or anything beyond the next three weeks. Just think about the week leading up to the election and especially the two weeks beyond that.

Likely, you are stocked up on TP and such, (if not, get shopping!). What I am talking about is things you would normally buy to eat, clean your house, keep your routine (going to work, to other places, church(if that is an option) , etc)…..Got enough gasoline? 

If you can buy, and store, either on a shelf or in a fridge or a freezer the foods you would normally buy then I suggest that in the next few days, you do so. If you can buy, and safely store enough gasoline for a week or two of “normal” consumption, then you might be well advised to do so in the week prior to the election.

Medicines? Yeah, same same. Call yer Physician and see if you can get your maintenance medication filled this week. 

Remember, even if it is unlikely that there will be “Civil Unrest” in your immediate neighborhood, your grocery store gets it’s supplies via truck from a warehouse…likely in a larger city. So does your pharmacy. So, likely, does your gas station get it’s fuel from a tank farm near (or in) a larger urban area. 

It is quite possible that the Urban areas will get some sort of Blue fueled “Civil Unrest” should Donald Trump win the election. We have seen that the police are less than effective when such unrest has happened. 

Let us not forget that in many areas, the final vote count will likely not be known for at least a week past Nov 3rd.  So you gotta plan for a week of uncertainty and at least a week past that for things to flare up and fade out. 

Plan accordingly. 

3 thoughts on “One week deadline:

  1. already did it: butter, eggs, beef, bacon, cheese. tp stacked to the ceiling, lol. all the items that ran short last time. food maxed out. have to fill my gas cans. was going to wait but storm heading in Thursday so…test fired the gats and practiced double taps(its coming back to me:), loaded fresh ammo. voting early and going into watch mode. no danger here but keeping an eye out for random idiots. speaking of idiots, the usual suspects of the offended variety successfully exacted their revenge on vmi and its superintendent for his heinous act of refusing to remove confederate statues and dig up the bones of fallen heroes buried there. their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  2. This thing is going to go random for months. There will be recount after recount, lawsuit after lawsuit. This was by design…

    …Lardered, loaded, and locked here in the Wild, Wild West…

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