And they keep the “Sky is falling!!!” meme going

 Have you noticed that although the number of deaths from Covid is not rising, the media keeps pushing the “hospitals are overwhelmed” story? 

The latest I have seen is “hospitals may soon need to ration care”….”MAY” being the operative word. we’ve heard it for the past two weeks, but they keep repeating it….That is the story we heard last time too, when they were pushing the fears of 2.2 million deaths…back when they said we needed to shelter in place for two weeks to “Flatten the Curve”….back in March. 

I think that this is another attempt to scare us and keep people afraid…..

But what is the end game? What do they get at this point? The election is essentially decided by now. Few people have not made their choice….if there is gonna be fraud, it is already in place. It can’t be the election, I don’t think

Why keep ratcheting up the fear? 

5 thoughts on “And they keep the “Sky is falling!!!” meme going

  1. Where I live the state health board forced the hospitals to close except for emergency and covid care in March. This means that half or more of their capacity has been completely shut down and, essentially, placed in mothballs.
    Now in the fall the health board still won't allow them to reopen.
    So yes, the hospitals are being overwhelmed – by design.
    Mistakes of this nature don't happen by accident.

  2. Notice too, that this "spike" is occurring just before Election Day. Another "spike" occurred just before the primaries. Coincidence? I think not…

    Yeah; I noticed that "may" and "could" lingo myself when this latest "spike" occurred. Those words fall in line with "Sources say" and "If X happens then Y might happen…" 'Gotta keep a steady stream of conjecture flowing on those 24-hour "news" channels… Keep 'em angry, anxious, and watching…

  3. why? because they're losing and they will continue the battle into the next 4 years. insurgents don't have to win, just not be destroyed until the people lose confidence in the govt. but they forget, sometimes the people get tired of them, and do what the govt can't.

  4. Leverage. Win or lose, they will use the Wuflu for leverage.

  5. Why keep ratcheting up the fear?

    Because the media has a product to sell and sensationalism drives viewers. Simple as that.

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