We need more of this:

So Trader Joe’s got a complaint: Their brands were “racist”. 

About time some companies had some leadership that stops bowing to a small minority of crybabies. Enough is enough. Changing policies or branding of colors of your logo or whatever because one person is offended and gets his or her 3 friends to sign a petition is bowing to the tyranny of the minority….One cannot win, as no matter what one does, there will be another tiny group of people that will find something offensive or just simply complain….
No one has a right to “not be offended”. Enough of this pandering to those who complain just to complain. 
I believe the one of the first instances of bowing to the minority was “Taco Neck Syndrome” wherein Taco Bell had a long and well funded ad campaign planned featuring folks who turn their head sideways to eat a taco without spilling the contents…with Shaquille O’Neal as the spokes-celebrity…
After the first few days of the opening of the ad campaign, some folks with an affliction called “Dystonia” screamed and cried loudly and long enough that Taco Bell cancelled the ad campaign.…costing MILLIONS of dollars. 
There were, at that time, less than 4000 people in the country diagnosed with Dystonia, an affliction of the neck, also called “Spasmodic Torticollis” 
But they got Taco Bell to toss a multi million dollar ad campaign over a few people being “offended”. 
It has snowballed from there, with corporate appeasement happening more and more. 
Kudos to Trader Joe’s for (finally) saying “NO!”.