I am sorry I will miss it:

I’m talking country fairs…

This is the week we would have had the county fair in my county. This week and the one two weeks prior are the 2 weeks that I looked forward to going to a county fair….
The hot afternoon heat and dust, the scent as one approaches the gates of dust from the parking lots….the smell of sweat, of cooking food that isn’t good for you…fried things….battered stuff that has way too much salt, and too much fat, and too much of everything that tastes good, but is so bad for you…of roasting meats and vegetables, of sweet corn and hot dogs and sausages. 
The scent of sweating people. of the animals in the barns, of diesel exhaust from the generators, of grease and hot bearings and unwashed carnies. 
The scent of sweets of all kinds. fried dough, cinnamon and sugar, of lemonade and root beer, Of cotton candy, and melting ice cream.  
Close you eyes, you can smell it if you try…
Sadly, due to the Wuhan Crud, it ain’t gonna happen this year. 

One thought on “I am sorry I will miss it:

  1. Same here in eastern Kommiectict. Woodstock Fair-200+ years: CANCELLED DUE TO CHINK-BUG. Brooklyn Fair- 160+ years: CANCELLED DUE TO CHINK-BUG. And the biggest one in all of New England, The Eastern States Exposition (The Big "E" started in 1917) also cancelled, but has been cancelled before (WWII). My wife and I have gone to The Big E every year since we have been together (1982), so we are pretty unhappy about that one.

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