Triple jeopardy?

So, for a third time, the case of Michael Brown was reviewed….and still, the investigator could not find any evidence that the police officer involved, Darren Wilson….and, for the third time, there was not enough evidence to show wrongdoing. 

This time, as some have pointed out, it was a black prosecutor….(why that matters, I dunno?) who exonerated Ex-officer Wilson.
Is there ever gonna be a time when Mr Wilson will be left alone? Will the Black Community ever accept the fact that Brown was simply a thug, a jerk, and a guy who got shot because he believed that “Might makes Right”…and he found out that sometimes it doesn’t? 

2 thoughts on “Triple jeopardy?

  1. Unfortunately, the prosecutor lacked the class or courage to exonerate Officer Wilson.

    Instead, he specifically said the investigation did not exonerate him but only failed to produce evidence that would be sufficient to charge and convict him.

    Absolute playing to the BLM mob there with his sucking up to the family of the thug instead of stating Officer Wilson acted appropriately under the circumstances.

    At least he, unlike Msby, didn't try to go ahead and charge him to play to the mob when the evidence was absolutely lacking.

    Officer Wilson deserves better.

  2. Well, you know what they say…

    "99% of the attorneys give the rest a bad image"…

    It is even worse when one gets to the political part of it, with Prosecutors and District Attorneys.

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