What, exactly did shutting the country down for 3 months do for us?

It flattened the curve….I get that. But if we are never gonna reopen, then what is the use?

As states reopen of course there are gonna be new cases. That was a given. Until we get a vaccine, or we reach “Herd Immunity” (which requires that people be exposed to this disease) then this is a natural consequence.

So what, exactly, was the plan? To keep everyone on lockdown until some indeterminate date in the future? (Nov 3 2020?) or simply until there is a vaccine ready for widespread distribution?

Or did the nations health authorities think there was gonna be some other result of allowing people to interact again?

I mean, the original “Lockdown” was supposed to “flatten the curve” and last for 2 or so weeks…..that morphed into 3 months….What was the plan for the future?

Were the preceding three months simply a waste of time and economic damage?