Cases! OMFG!

So Illinois is doing more and more testing per day. 

Te latest testing data is as follows:

so of the people being tested, 2.45 Percent test positive. 
Yep, 2 and half out of every 100 people actually have a current case. 
This is a terrible disease. So bad you have to take a test to determine if you are one of the two percent that even have it. 
And the National media is doing their best to keep the fear up, even though an examination of the data shows that it just isn’t that bad. But we gotta keep the fear up to keep things muddling along rather than surging back into the Trump economy that we need…. 
Kinda like the medical professional said to me a week or so ago when I asked when this coronavirus thing would end? 
“I dunno, I’m not much into politics”

One thought on “Cases! OMFG!

  1. As the dear recently departed Ol'Remus said, July is going to be a critical month for the economy.
    The economy is going to be the big tell on the mood of We The People no matter what the politics and the people behind all of this insanity do or say.
    I fully expect there to be some serious unpleasantness between now and the election and after it there is going to be open conflict no matter what happens.
    There are a whole lot of people with a whole lot of spare time on their hands right at the moment. When that extra $600 a week Unemployment carrot runs dry at the end of the month all those people are going to get really angry when they can't pay the bills.
    That anger only needs a target at that point.

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