So they could always just quit if they felt that strongly

You know, find another company that would put up with their Social Justice-ing bullshit and whatnot.

Of course, they’d lose all the BIg Union benefits of working for Ford as well.

But, hey, they are the ones that think that Ford should stop building police cars.
‘Cause that will help so much to fix the Racial Injustice that is so terribly prevalent.

What I would ask, has happened that these Union Workers think that they have the right to tell their employer what products they can and cannot produce?

One might think that, if Black Lives Matter so much (that they think that stopping the production of police cars would be any more than a symbolic gesture), that they haven’t done anything to stop the violence in Black sections of the larger (and often not so large) cites….I mean, so far this year the folks on the South (and now West) side of Chicago (pretty much 100% of African descent) have killed more black people in Chicago alone that all the police in the entire NATION have this year. .

But hey, stopping the production of Police Cars will help so much.

Here’s a hint: Stop breaking laws/ Best way to not get crosswise with the Po-po If yer arrested, stop fighting, that keeps the 5-0 from either tazering or shooting or otherwise damaging you. Keeps the Hickory off of your melon as well.  On other words, don’t make the situation worse.

Yes, I know, that’s “Raciss” of me to point out the above. But ask any cop, they’ll tell you, it is true. One racial group keeps fighting. 

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