Oddly, the Media is downplaying

The fact that the guy in Seattle who drove the wrong way up a ramp, after going past police blocking the road (so that the protesters could  black the roads safely?)  and struck two women who were protesting something related to the George Floyd incident/Black lives Matter (“Black Femme March takes I-5”)….

The women struck were WHITE.
The man driving the Jaguar (obviously an oppressed minority person) was….black. The CAR was white, however, even if the driver wasn’t.

The driver…wan’t a white supremacist, not a Right Wing nutball.

But the media is trying the best to make you believe otherwise.

It ain’t news anymore, but propaganda disguised as news. 

2 thoughts on “Oddly, the Media is downplaying

  1. I can't tell you the number of times my over-the-moon left wing relative has refused to believe what I'm seeing right in front of my eyes, preferring instead to believe Rachael the lesbian longneck instead. Nope; what you're seeing CAN'T be true, cuz Rachael sez…

    …Pathetic, actually…

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