Except when they don’t:

Black lives mattering, I mean….

Seems that young black child (8 years old) was killed in a  shooting in a Birmingham Alabama mall.

Seems 2 crowds of black males were having a “Verbal Disagreement” when they shot at each other. apparently hitting only 4 bystanders, all black (and missing their intended targets).

Black Lives Matter, sure they do, but only when the black life happens to be a criminal who is being restrained or arrested by the police. I don’t see any marches across the country for young Royta Giles, who was 8 years old. I don’t see any riots in protest, nor whites and blacks walking hand in hand and blocking streets in protest. I don’t see wall to wall coverage by the media either. I strongly doubt that there will be 6 funerals like George Floyd got, in different parts of the country, I bet no one donates a bronze coffin, and Al Sharpton won’t travel in to speak at his funeral. There won’t be any TV coverage of his memorial service, either.

I bet there won’t be any TV coverage of the funerals of Natalia Wallace from the South Side of Chicago, nor of the funeral of Vernado Jones….both of whom were killed by other black people in drive-by shootings over the Independence Day weekend. (Nor of the other 14 people killed on the South Side over that weekend either. I will bet good hard cash that Al Sharpton won’t speak at their funerals, nor will they get nice shiny caskets for their burials either.

So when DO  “Black Lives Matter”? Only when a white cop is involved? Enquiring Minds and all that.

(and that is only two cities….how many more “Black Lives” were ended by other black people this weekend? Where is the outcry?) Oddly, this doesn’t happen nearly as often in neighborhoods with other demographics.

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  1. Its been going on so long nobody in those communities cares anymore. That's why there is no coverage. LEOs/administrations hands are tied by 'local regulations'…

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