Mask Mandate:

So since like nearly every municipality (and/or county and/or state) is requiring that businesses require that their patrons wear a mask…..

Are they gonna go the step further and require that people wear those masks over both their nose and mouth?
Or are we just gonna go through the motions in an attempt a enforced social compliance?
I see many folks (oddly, especially folks with an african ancestry) wearing a mask….over their mouth but not their nose. Lots more wearing them on their chin, but not covering their nose OR mouth. Sadly, these folks get away with it because every one else is afraid of being called “racist” if they point the failure to wear the mask properly.
(Note: I wear a mask only under protest, but that is just me me being stubborn…I beleive they are somewhat effective at preventing people from spreading sneeze and cough borne droplets of spittle, but they really don’t do much else…)

Make no mistake, I think that if a business chooses to require a mask on their property, the choice is theirs, and that is their business….It iws not the purview of the State, however.  In my state, the only person that can issue “wear a mask” orders (in public streets) that are legally enforceable is the Governor, as LaPorte County has found out…..they can make all the ordinances they wish, but they have no real force of law. (But the business is in a bind if they don’t cooperate).

But if yer gonna hassle businesses and people about masks, then make people wear ’em properly…or don’t do it at all. 

3 thoughts on “Mask Mandate:

  1. Down here in Georgia, the governor won't let any level of government mandate masks.

    So, the businesses are requiring them on their own. Home Depot, Fresh Market, Publix (grocery), and even Walmart where today they were giving out masks to folks who didn't have them with the warning that they won't be allowed in next time without one.

    Plenty of people wearing their masks incorrectly here too. All races represented.


  2. could it be that ,like me, they wear them that way to protest while not getting the business in a bind?

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